Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Hair Experimentation: Quick Mad Victorian Hairdos

Last night (Tuesday) I experimented with some quick Victorian inspired updos.

Back of hair pulled up into high ponytail, split in two, plaited, curled around at top of head.

Same but made into fake Heidi braid, wrapped down and pinned at back.

Middle portion of hair pulled up into high ponytail and pinned into weird loopy things.

Plaits at front, pulled back, some kind of odd bunched up thing done with the rest of the hair. Random things pinned into hair, like cameo and flower.


  1. I really like the second one! All of them are wonderful, though :)

  2. They all look lovely but I think I like the Heidi braids most :)

  3. I love the first and second, but actually they are all pretty cool and the cameo is beautiful =]

    I might have to have a go at these... doubt my hair will co-operate though!

  4. Voting for nr one and two :). I long for long hair again when I see your pictures.

  5. They all look very cute ^^ But my favourite is the first one!

  6. The first one and the second one are my favorites... I wish my hair was still long enough to do these sort of hairstyles!