Thursday, 13 June 2013

DIY: Edwardian Mourning Blouse from 80s dress worn to Gothic Sunday

Clothing item adapted on sat 23rd March

This ended up being the top I wore to Gothic Sunday in May. 

I can't take full credit for this, as the top part of the dress already looked very much like an Edwardian blouse, lace and all. However the bottom part was much too tight. It had to go.

Bottom layer carefully cut off.

zipper taken off, spare bit of material folded under opened up so there is more room in the top.

Set of hooks and eyes on ribbons, taken from a corset. If I manage to get one of those zippers which completely detaches at the bottom I may swap it in, these fastenings are a bit frustrating as you need help getting dressed, and men are notoriously bad at dealing with fastenings like this. I actually ended up getting him to help me with it for Gothic Sunday and he did a good job, but what would I do if he wasn't around to help?

Hook and eyes being pinned into the back to be sewn on. If I remember right I managed to machine sew one side but the other had to be hand stitched.

Back now closes with hook and eye attachment. At the very top I carefully crossed the material over so it didn't crease the rest, and added a couple of hidden snap buttons, below the material covered buttons at the very top of the neckline.

And the final top, worn with my Yohji Yamamoto skirt, as photographed by Harry Raab of Raab Imagery at Gothic Sunday.


  1. My my, it is such an absolutely lovely new blouse now! And you suit it gorgeously =D

  2. I love the look of that blouse! I wish I had one like it (or had the patience/skills to make one)!

  3. Beautiful pictures of you, the blouse is really pretty ^^

  4. These are really lovely, evocative photographs. What a gorgeous outfit!