Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Update: Writing, Sewing

I have lots of assignments. I've had time for a little bit of writing. Haven't even had time to finish my mock up dress yet. My discounted Butterick and McCall's patterns arrived in the mail today! I am very excited to get the new McCall's M6770 which isn't even available in Australia (unless you order it from their site) yet. The postage was rather expensive, but I got 4 patterns for less than $2 each so it offsets pretty well. There must have been a real rush during the pattern sale, the site was running so slowly, and kept on crashing, but I got my patterns before it was over.

Look at that bustle! Even without that amazing lace, it would be striking! And I finally have a bloomers pattern! I can't wait until I have time to make these!


  1. that pattern is amazing. the bustle is great!

  2. Yeah, despite what I said in response to your comment on my blog, this one is definitely on my to-buy list. I am not a fan of the fabric they chose, but the entire pattern makes me squee.

  3. I love especially that long skirt. So elegant!

  4. I was toying with the notion of purchasing this pattern myself! The end results seem quite pretty indeed!
    Although I'd really only be purchasing the jacket pattern, since I've already drafted patterns for that kind of skirt, pantaloons/bloomers, and bustle >.<
    Tough call.

    I wish you all the best during its construction!