Thursday, 16 May 2013

Recent Outfits

Still a bit behind on outfits, on everything really. I have got some great pictures from the Gothic Sunday with the Historical Houses trust, and I want to do some more reviews, but that will have to wait until after assignments.

White blouse with lace collar- eBay
black waistcoat- ?
watch necklace- Christmas present
Pocket watch- charm from Spotlight. I have a real one too.
Black velvet asymmetrical skirt- secondhand.

Blue ruffly cardi- fashion discount store
black singlet top- hand me down
Black fairy skirt- secondhand.


  1. Both look really nice :D
    I would love to have that frilly cardigan myself! (but in black, haha)

    1. Unfortunately, they didn't have it in black! But you could probably make one, it's a sort of stretchy knit material like a cardigan, so if you got an extra strip of that, you could pleat it and sew it around the cardi!

  2. That first outfit is to die for. You have a nice sense of style. :)