Saturday, 4 May 2013

Recent Outfits: Ironfest

Saturday 20th April

This is what I wore to Ironfest. You couldn't see the fishnet sleeves because I had to wear a coat all day due to the cold, but the crimson rose vest showed fetchingly through the top of the jacket.

Hat- secondhand
Jabot- made by me see this post
Mini jacket- secondhand
Cameo brooch- sedondhand
Fishnet shirt- secondhand
Gloves- one at market in England, one secondhand
Waistcoat- I can't rememer
Pocketwatch- can't remember
Skirt- secondhand. pinned up by me
Boots- the new steampunky ones I got on Friday

With some very gorgeous and talented ladies. Me, Stacey, Lady Chatsalot and Kat, who all made their own outfits!


  1. Ooh, I like this outfit very much, it's so creative! A steampunk madwoman rather than elegant and well-mannered lady, very much in my taste :)

  2. Marvelous outfit, Laura - one of my favourites - so far! I can't believe it's getting cold enough down there you actually have to wear a coat! :o)

  3. this looks so beautiful on you!


  4. Looking good :) I almost went, but I was too broke unfortunately - we might've seen each other!