Sunday, 5 May 2013

Recent Outfits: Fondue Night

 Sunday 21st April

We had a fondue dinner with family friends. As I cannot have cheese, I skipped the first course, which was things dipped in cheese. The second course was meat cooked in oil, and the third a delicious almond and white chocolate paste, which is what I ate the most of. We got to put things like dates and chocolate cake on sticks and dip them in.

My little treasures from Ironfest kept sneaking into the picture!

Blouse- secondhand. I put the crimson rope in the lacing holes.
Waistcoat- secondhand and adapted by me see this post
Skirt- secondhand
Velvet shoes- secondhand. The insides need to be fixed, they made my socks all black and sticky

Jacket- secondhand off eBay.

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