Monday, 29 April 2013

Why I love my university

1. We have a period drama society! Called Darcy Soc! We had Mr Darcy cake!

2. All the gorgeous architecture and decor. Apart from a castle (where I once had a Hogwarts High Tea!) here are some other pictures of it's slendiferousness!

Creepy face water fountain

'Hidden' courtyard in the middle of a building

Alcove with Shakespeare bust

Stairway with beautiful wrought iron designs

More of the 'hidden' courtyard

Really lovely antique cabinet with carved wood and stained glass filled with old, old books!

Chalk graffiti: Grumpy cat says no to homophobia!

3. On the weekend, this happened, unfortunately I was not there to hear it. 

That is right, the bells played the Game of Thrones music!

And that's why I love my university!