Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Witch Sea


Lesbian YA novel by Sarah Diemer
Through love, a witch begins to question all she has known. She has spent her whole life guarding the sea against the ancient god she believes to be evil, a lonely task passed on through her family. But when she falls for a selkie maiden, she begins to wonder if she could have it all wrong.

This story was wonderfully evocative. I loved the vision of the witch, lonely on her island in the middle of the sea. The idea that we are brought up thinking things that might not necessarily be right is such a great theme, so many people are brought up by their parents to have such bigoted and discriminative views, but sometimes realise the wrongness of it. It is a bit of a lesson about judgement, but wrapped in such a beautiful fairytale that it does not feel preachy.

This tale really touched me, especially the bittersweet ending. This story is a must, not only for lesbian teens, but for everyone to read! An amazing piece of mythic fiction!

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