Thursday, 18 April 2013

Teacups, Lapis Lazuli and Emilie Autumn- Recent Outfits


Easter/ Ostara/ Mabon outfit. Technically good friday. Lunch with the family. The pocket watch is pinned onto the waistcoat as the pockets are not real. My bird Isambard Steamparakeet agreed to be in the pictures.

There are a couple of little details I forgot to photograph like the teacup and saucer ring and the huge cameo on the front of the blouse. The pendant is lapis lazuli. The blouse, cameo, hat and skirt are secondhand.

This was my outfit for the Emilie Autumn concert. I plaited the ribbons into my hair and coiled and pinned it. I sewed this fascinating rosette material that I got from my friend Wendy at Shop 55 onto the dress, and a bit more material on the skirt. The corset top and skirt are secondhand.

Details of the material. It had red and black material roses, totally gorgeous!

Hairdo details: (Yes, I look a little shocked in the pictures. I was tiptoeing around the house in the dark, drinking tea and taking pictures and trying not to wake anyone. The flash was bright!)


  1. 1) The first, "Mad hatter" outfit is just amazing <3
    2) OMG, how do You manage to do such a hairdo on your own head? I am able to do something that complicated on someone else's hair, but not on my own...

  2. Wow! What an amazing outfit. That top was seconhand? It's so beautiful. And your hairdo looks super complicated, it came out really good!

  3. Your outfit for the Emilie Autumn concert is so pretty! And your hair, you have so many great ideas.

  4. Aw, thank you Salieria, Shannon and Lesthi, you make me feel so talented! <3 <3 <3

  5. That's such a cute outfit; I want to get a red and white striped top now!

    You're so super creative! You have a unique way with working things too.