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Project Unicorn

 This is an amazing project! You can read some of the short stories on, they are wonderful! I just got the kindle collections! Please read the following post!

Project Unicorn: A Lesbian YA Extravaganza!
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What is Project Unicorn?

Project Unicorn: A Lesbian YA Extravaganza! is a fiction project created by lesbian YA authors Sarah Diemer and Jennifer Diemer. It was created because of the obvious lack of lesbian heroines in the Young Adult genre, and the critical need for them.
Project Unicorn is updated twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays with a free, original, never-before-published YA short story featuring a lesbian heroine. Also, every story is a work of genre fiction (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Post-apocalyptic, etc.).
(Read a dialogue between the authors here, where they explore their reasons behind creating Project Unicorn, and why it’s important!)

Why Project “Unicorn?”

Because, like unicorns, lesbians in YA literature are almost mythical, nonexistent creatures. Our aim with this project is to simply bring greater visibility to girls who love girls in the YA genre. Also, we both just really love unicorns. :D

This is awesome! How can I support the project?

At the end of each month, Project Unicorn has eight new short stories that have been posted for free. We gather each month’s set of short stories, and publish them in an eZine, available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Each eZine not only includes the previously published short stories, but two longer stories never before published and available only in the eZine.
Print volumes come out quarterly!

If you love what we’re doing with Project Unicorn, the two greatest things you can do to support it is to talk about it on your social network, blog or web site, and purchase each eZine as it comes out. Project Unicorn is a very large undertaking, but we’re deeply dedicated to giving queer-girls stories they can identify with. Thank you so much for being supportive, and please consider purchasing an eZine to help us continue with this project! <3 (You can also show your support by buying our other books, or simply donating to buy the authors a cup of tea. <3)

Project Unicorn launched on August 3, 2012. Here is a complete list of the stories posted, to date!
A Word About Unhappy Endings: As a trigger warning, those Project Unicorn stories that end unhappily have been marked with the “unhappy ending” tag. If you feel that you would be triggered by an unhappy ending, please avoid those stories marked with this tag.
August: The Dark Woods
1. Witch Girls by Sarah Diemer (Dark Fantasy)
The wild witch girls lurk at the edge of the woods, waiting to snatch away any girl who’s less than good. Gran’s warnings are the same every day: be good, or the witch girls will take you. But what if you want to be taken?
2. Surfacing by Sarah Diemer (Fantasy)
When Alice’s brother John takes a mermaid out of the sea and drags her into the woods to die, Alice must find the courage to stand up to the worst bully she’s ever known in order to save a life.
3. Curse Cabin Confession by Sarah Diemer (Paranormal)
When Robin invites her girlfriend, Malinda, up to her family cabin for the weekend, it’s not just for a romantic time. Robin has a confession to make: she’s not exactly human.
4. Wolves of Leaving by Sarah Diemer (Paranormal)
After challenging the Alpha–and losing–Cadie begs the girl she loves to forsake all they’ve ever known and escape the tyranny of the pack.
5. A Craving by Jennifer Diemer (Fantasy)
Snow knows little of the world, having spent most of her life within the safe confines of the cottage she shares with seven little men, her protectors. But every day, a young girl comes to the door, offering her an apple, and every day brings Snow one step closer to taking a bite.
6. Natural by Jennifer Diemer (Paranormal)
Terra feels confused and alone–until she meets a mysterious girl in the forest, standing next to her favorite tree…
7. Haunt by Jennifer Diemer (Paranormal)
Every moonrise, Tam and Ailsa defy the laws of time and space to meet in the forest and kiss beneath the stars.
8. Dreaming Green by Jennifer Diemer (Science Fiction)
Mirelle catches a mysterious seed during a spacewalk, and, though it is forbidden, she dares to plant it, nurture it, and let it grow.
All of these stories, plus two never-before-published stories, have been gathered together into an eZine–show your support of Project Unicorn by purchasing one!
September/October/November: The Monstrous Sea
1. Bluebottles by Jennifer Diemer (Magic Realism)
After spending several heartbroken, landlocked months away, Ramie returns to the sea and is inspired to follow a trail of bioluminescent creatures.
2. A History of Drowning by Sarah Diemer (Paranormal)
A girl with dark eyes and a strange, white dress follows Carrie over a series of small tragedies.
3. Melusine by Sarah Diemer (Paranormal)
Melusine bears an ancestral curse–when water touches her, she becomes a monster that no one must ever see…but when Mel risks everything to rescue a girl from drowning, the family’s dark secret changes her forever.
4. No Bigger Than the Moon by Sarah Diemer (Horror)
Anne would do anything for Kylie. But when Kylie’s brother changes into a bloodthirsty monster, she goes too far in asking Anne for help…
5. Pearls Enough by Jennifer Diemer (Fantasy)
Portia, recently orphaned, feels constrained in her older sister’s house and finds herself longing for a sea-change…and a mermaid’s kiss.
6. In the Garden I Did Not Sin by Sarah Diemer (Dark Fantasy)
When Meno, the daughter of Eve, watches her mother–the first woman–die, she journeys back to that thing which Eve loved most, the Garden of Eden. But she didn’t expect to meet a stranger there…
7. Two Salt Feet by Sarah Diemer (Paranormal)
You can buy anything at the meat market…even a mermaid. Sam’s errand for her mom takes a turn for the strange when she accidentally rescues a mermaid who would rather not end up on someone’s plate.
8. Daughter of Blue by Sarah Diemer (Magic Realism)
At the urging of her friend Jess, Leila–a Wiccan–casts a spell to attract love into her life. A strange dream involving a being from the sea then seems to seal the spell…
All of these stories, plus two never-before-published stories, have been gathered together into an eZine–show your support of Project Unicorn by purchasing one!
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December: Uncharted Sky
1. Falling Home by Sarah Diemer (Dark Fantasy)
The angel Silver, and her brother Det, race through the many levels of hell, trying to find the soul of Silver’s dead girlfriend before the host of devils track and devour them.
2. Nike by Sarah Diemer (Magic Realism)
Bullied to the breaking point, Beth wonders if suicide is the answer, but a call to a suicide hotline and memories of a story begin a strange change within her.
3. A Bit of Space by Jennifer Diemer (Science Fiction)
Every night, Molly waits helplessly for Cel to return to her from another world. But now Cel has forged a gift to bridge the billions of miles between them.
4. Finding Mars by Jennifer Diemer (Science Fiction)
Tab and Diana end their summer tour of all things UFO in Mars, Pennsylvania…and share an out-of-this-world experience.
5. The Gargoyle Maker by Sarah Diemer (Dark Fantasy)
Rose falls in love with the gargoyle maker, a wandering girl who keeps her village safe by creating hideous monsters. But the gargoyle maker cannot remain in one place for long…will Rose’s heart be broken?
6. Poppy and Salt by Sarah Diemer (Paranormal)
Celia and Alice are young vampire hunters who are falling in love with each other. But a vampire’s upsetting curse reminds them that their time together might be short.
7. Bone Ship by Sarah Diemer (Science Fiction)
Ellie is stationed with her dad on the Bone Ship–a graveyard floating in space. When her old girlfriend comes to visit, Ellie shows her around the ship, disturbing the strange, ghostly presence that haunts it.
8. The Girl on the Mountain by Jennifer Diemer (Fantasy)
The girl on the mountain keeps Kivrin’s village safe, and the village, in turn, makes offerings to her every summer. But Kivrin harbors a years-old secret, one she hopes she will be brave enough to speak aloud.
All of these stories, plus two never-before-published stories, have been gathered together into an eZine–show your support of Project Unicorn by purchasing one!
Available On:
The first three months were gathered into one volume that includes a print edition!

Available On:
Amazon (for Kindle)
Barnes and Noble (for Nook)
Smashwords (for all other eReaders + online reading)
Createspace (paperback)
eReader edition on Etsy (all proceeds to authors)
Signed paperback on Etsy, PLUS free eReader edition!
(all proceeds to authors)
January: Artificial Hearts
1. Nickel Pony by Sarah Diemer (Magic Realism)
As a little girl, Helena thought the nickel pony outside of the dollar store gave her good luck: then it went away, and took her good luck with it. Now, when her world is slowly crumbling again, a girl in an arcade brings back unexpected magic.
2. The Ember Heart by Sarah Diemer (Fantasy)
At the Festival of Stars, Alethia carries a heart in a lantern, moving with the others in an ancient ritual of love.
3. Flotsam by Sarah Diemer (Science Fiction)
Chris, and her little brother Raz, live in the Broken Streets down by the dock–where the dead bodies of Chematech’s imperfect clones are flushed out. Every day, Chris and Raz pick over the bodies for parts they can sell…until Chris finds a body unlike the others. A girl who’s alive.
4. For I am Fearless by Jennifer Diemer (Horror)
An orphan girl wakes to find she is no longer herself but a stitched-together monster. As she remembers the events that brought her to this moment, she fans a flame of courage within her new heart.
5. Anchor Me by Sarah Diemer (Fantasy [Steampunk])
Isadora has the extreme fortune of inheriting her grandfather’s airship containing an automaton navigation system named Rosie, who happens to be much more to Isadora than a Steampunk GPS.
6. Perfect by Jennifer Diemer (Science Fiction)
Bonnie has everything a modern girl could ask for: a nice house, friends, and genetically engineered perfection. But then she meets Sylvia, and she begins to realize that perfect is only ever an illusion. Love, though, is always real.
7. Lullaby by Jennifer Diemer (Science Fiction)
Buried far beneath the earth, a mechanical girl struggles to hold onto the memories of her years in the sun–and of the young woman she loved more than words, Milla.
8. Mary A Through Z by Jennifer Diemer (Science Fiction)
Mary Q has grown up on a scientific compound surrounded by twenty-five girls who look exactly like her. They may share her face, but Mary Q isn’t certain that they all share her secret longing to escape and experience the strangeness of the world.
All of these stories, plus two never-before-published stories, have been gathered together into an eZine–show your support of Project Unicorn by purchasing one!

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March: Myth, Magic and Glitter
1. A Myth of Ashes by Jennifer Diemer (Fantasy)
The nameless, gold-haired girl feeds a fire in a cave and awaits the time when she will share her story with the world.
2. The Edge of Day by Sarah Diemer (Fantasy)
Punished and cursed by Zeus for nothing, Hemera–goddess of the day–is sentenced to the pit of Tartarus each night, while her beloved, the goddess Nyx, is sentenced to Tartarus in the day, so they will never be together again. An evil, twisted monster lurks in Tartarus, but Hemera and Nyx hatch a plan to be together regardless of darkness.
3. Speak of the Devil by Sarah Diemer (Paranormal)
Savannah and her mother have a strange obsession with the old folk tale of the Jersey Devil, and–at night–Savannah dreams of the monster. Told in verse, this is the story of an awakening.
4. True if by Sea by Sarah Diemer (Fantasy)
Born into a body that doesn’t reflect her true self, the mermaid Meloa seeks the sea priestess to trade her inheritance for truth.
5. Flowers for Clouds by Jennifer Diemer (Fantasy)
Harumi’s love, a tennyo named Shizuka, vanished months ago when the sakura was in bloom. Now the sakura flourishes again, and the petals guide Harumi to the missing Shizuka–and to her own unexpected truth.
6. The Underwater Girl by Jennifer Diemer (Fantasy)
Disowned by her mother for coming out, Mara joins her estranged father at his scientific compound up north and discovers something sacred beneath the ice.
7. Phasma by Sarah Diemer (Paranormal)
Molly encounters a ghost from her past while trying to deal with the aftermath of her girlfriend’s suicide.
8. When Thou Wakest by Jennifer Diemer (Fantasy)
Drawn to the new girl at school, Felice finds out that she and quiet, gold-eyed Greta share the same dreams–and, perhaps, a past thousands of years and millions of miles away.
All of these stories, plus two never-before-published stories, have been gathered together into an eZine–show your support of Project Unicorn by purchasing one!

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April: Winged Things
1. The Gray Road by Jennifer Diemer (Magic Realism)
Ever since her brother left, Gillian’s avoided the road they used to walk on together, the dead, eerie, whispering road that finally took him away from her. But when her dog gets loose and runs away, Gillian has no choice but to return to that road and begrudgingly confront the past–and herself.

Each month, the stories are themed–here are the upcoming themes for the year:
May: Swords and Spaceships
June: Bad Zoology
July: The Hero is a Lady
August: The Unhistory of Girls
September: In Fractured Worlds
October: A Grave Matter

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