Monday, 15 April 2013


Some opshop finds today! (16/04/12)

Various vases, most of which I intend to find stoppers for and add to my collection of bottles I want to make an apothecary cabinet from. If anyone knows where I can get corks or how to make stoppers, please let me know!

Detail of the purple vase. I think it would look really good with a few long stemmed roses in it.

Ultra ruffly shirt for $3

I got this coat for $10. The inner lining in one arm is ripped but that's about all. I love that it looks a bit like an old fashioned riding coat. I'm going to take the belt loops off. 

Maybe I will dye it burgundy. I am not a huge fan of fawn, it's a bit too 40s for me. What do you think?

I also got a bit more fabric for Historical clothing making. Need to work on my sewing skills. I never have enough time!


  1. Nice that it is so light that you can choose to dye it in whatever colour you like. But are you sure the coat will be able to dye? Another thing is the thread if it's nylon thread the seams be visible.

    1. Thanks for the warning. There are no tags, I am afraid. I will ask grandma, she can probably tell the material by feeling it. But not sure about the thread either. And it might shrink when I dye it and it's already tight.

      I think it might actually be home made by someone rather talented!

  2. Very nice price for a coat like that!

  3. I've also had issues with dyeing something that was a natural fabric, which dyed just fine but the thread that it was sewn with was synthetic and it didn't! So I'd end up with a black something or other with white stitching. It didn't look that great. :P