Saturday, 20 April 2013

"Mr Darcy heard about our party... and he's mad"- 200 years of Pride and Prejudice with DarcySoc

Tuesday 9th April 2013

"This year is the 200th birthday of the closest thing we have to a manifesto - Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice! Our dear Mr. Darcy has written us an email on this auspicious occasion:

Dear Darcy Soc,

Georgiana has finally shown me how to work this new fangled 'hotmail' device and I have a bone to pick with you. I see that you are advertising the 200th birthday of Pride and Prejudice and I don't want people to know I'm 200!! I AM NOT THAT OLD DO YOU HEAR ME! Someone has made a mistake! I don't look a day over 28, I assure you. You've seen my smoulder. Would a 200 year old smoulder like that? I DON'T THINK SO! I am getting quite out of sorts so I'm having Georgiana call for the tea tray; but seriously - stop telling people I'm old!!!

XOXO Mr Darcy"

I love this invitation! So cheeky!

Anyway, I was so excited about this party, I went even though I had an assignment the next day, and forced myself to do my assignment in double quick time. It's amazing how efficient I can be when there is Darcy Cake!

Pictures- some taken by me, some by Michaella Edelstein- official DarcySoc photographer. 

Darcy cake!

Sitting in the corner like Regency ladies waiting to be asked to dance.

So much delicious food!


Gingerbread animal cookies!


  1. OMG that cake <3 :'D And you seem to have so much fun events in your life, I want that toooo, haha!

    1. Yes, the last six months or so (probably a bit longer) have been so amazing! I am lucky to have met so many wonderful people and do fun things!