Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hallow's Eve


 A Halloween Fairytale ebook by Sarah Diemer

A short, enjoyable read, with tongue in cheek humour. The idea of a girl who is a terrible witch but great at making cupcakes is cute and fun. I love the bit where she wonders if the vampire likes her or just hangs out with her for cupcakes. The imagery is nice, with shades of Bradbury's October people, and so many of things I want, like the whole magic shop, and the bat-embroidered handkerchief. While the vampire, werewolf, witch thing could come off cheesy, the gently mocking way the story is written allows you to enjoy it. I liked the fairytale style quest of seeking out the oldest thing in the town. I wish I had read this at Halloween.

ebook 0.99 on Amazon.

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