Saturday, 13 April 2013

Fashion Inspiration: Minori

Minori's fashion style captures that ethereal and Victorian look I want. the Long dresses, the pale colours! Her fashion is a huge inspiration! Like me, a lot of her clothes are apparently second hand and adapted. This shows what I can do with just a little more sewing know-how!

Now I am not going to paint my face white, my skin is much too senstitive for that, I could never go around with my face painted all day. I prefer Victorian hairdos, although I really appreciate hair extensions. But she has given me a lot of inspriation.

You can see all her images in her gallery:

 I love these forest nymph ones! The idea of forest nymph (dryad) and water nymph (naiad) style inspires me very much.


  1. These are amazing pictures! I mean, aside from her clothes, which are beautiful, there is some real art in these compositions.

  2. Wow, a lot of effort and work put into those outfits and the pictures, as Shannon says! :o)