Friday, 12 April 2013

Emilie Autumn Fight Like a Girl Tour

Emilie Autumn Fight Like a Girl tour- Saturday 30th March 2013

Kat, Desiree and Bryce

Me, Desiree and Kat.

Having a huge cup of tea after.

The concert was an amazing experience, very theatrical, and it had been put together so that the songs told a story, so it was a bit like a musical. The music was amazing, Emilie is definitely one of those talented artists who still sounds so wonderful live! Veronica Varlow and Captain Maggot were great too. Veronica did an amazing feather fan dance, and they both hammed it up on stage. The show was funny, sad, moving and a total work of art. It felt like a privilege to be able to be there to witness it!

The following pictures are from my friend Emma Robson. She got some awesome pictures of the concert, I was up on the short person stair halfway down the theatre, so I could see well, but didn't get good pictures.

Take the Pill

Veronica's stupendous fan dance (she is a burlesque artist and performer in 'real life'.)

These last couple of photos of the stilt walker in Scavenger (which was veeeery creepy and awesome), I found online. It is amazingly hard to find pictures of this part, perhaps because everyone's eyes were glued to the stage.


  1. I love your hairstyle!

    I wanted to go to that concert here in Sweden, but I couldn't afford spending the night in our capital. Bleh :/
    It seemed fun!

    1. Yes, I had to crash at a friend's as it was way too late to get home. Well, I am sure you will get another chance, she was here a couple of years before this, and I didn't get to see her then.

  2. I love seeing pictures of Emilie Autumn concerts - I love their attire! XD

  3. I was at her concert in Stockholm last year. It was awesome, unlike any other concerts I visited. Sometimes the audience were so quiet you could hear a needle fall to the floor. Everyone were stunned of their performance. to bad they won't come this year.

  4. I love it! I'll probably be seeing her again in September, her shows are always fantastic.