Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Artificial Hearts: A Lesbian YA short story collection


by Jennifer Diemer and Sarah Diemer

This collection blew me away! Not only do we see the usual strong and inspiring females from Jennifer and Sarah Diemer's work, but we have a collection of fascinating steampunk and science fiction worlds. Exploring worlds past and future, we are given an insight into humanity.

There is a world where those who aren't perfect (gene def) are second class citizens, one where A group of cloned 'Mary's' live in a lab, watched over by scientists. There are girls who love automatons, and are loved back. Girls made of clay by magical outcast old men, and creatures stitched together from parts of dead children, who still have the power to feel.

If you want to read a creative collection of steampunk and science fiction stories, that grabs to start to finish and never lets go, this is for you!

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