Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Recent outfits


Worn to DarcySoc 

Lapis lazuli pendant from hippie store,
Jacket/spencer from secondhand store
Dress from secondhand store.

Hairdo inspired by the one in the 2007 Northanger Abbey. I adore the costumes in it! The plaited bun at the back is handmade, see my tutorial here.

Detail of the hairdo. Lace headband wrapped around the plait bun.

Worn to university

Ankh earrings from Starfish
Cameo from costume jewellery shop
Black dress from sale shop
Black velvet jacket secondhand

Worn to university

Black velvet jacket secondhand
Cream frilly shirt secondhand
Red skirt secondhand

Flirtation! Things a Neo-Victorian Boy and Girl Should Know!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Why I love my university

1. We have a period drama society! Called Darcy Soc! We had Mr Darcy cake!

2. All the gorgeous architecture and decor. Apart from a castle (where I once had a Hogwarts High Tea!) here are some other pictures of it's slendiferousness!

Creepy face water fountain

'Hidden' courtyard in the middle of a building

Alcove with Shakespeare bust

Stairway with beautiful wrought iron designs

More of the 'hidden' courtyard

Really lovely antique cabinet with carved wood and stained glass filled with old, old books!

Chalk graffiti: Grumpy cat says no to homophobia!

3. On the weekend, this happened, unfortunately I was not there to hear it. 

That is right, the bells played the Game of Thrones music!

And that's why I love my university!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Treasures From Ironfest

 I found these treasures at Ironfest, Saturday 20th April.

Strange creatures made of kitchen things come to life.
Made by Bent and Twisted Creations.
Alex and Jeanie Redman

This little gun bird was made by Stephen Cunningham, Armourer, he works in Lithgow. 

A spyglass I got for only $15!

A little pendant filled with tiny cogs, and with a little ring of keys from The Tattered Tower.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Organ Grinder's Playlist Vol 2

Pixies- Where Is My Mind
Lydia Lunch- Kill Your Sons
Unwoman- The City- is that what it's called?
Placebo- Special Needs
Depeche Mode- A Pain that I'm Used To
Bauhaus- Bela Lugosi's Dead
Switchblade Symphony- Dollhouse (see the awesome vid here)
Mephisto Walz- Euphrosyne
Inkubus Sukkubus- We Belong With The Dead
Nightwish- The Phantom of the Opera
Nightwish- Nemo
Lacuna Coil- My Truth
Lacuna Coil-The Ghost Woman and The Hunter
Loreena Mckennit- The Mummers Dance
Loreena McKennit- All Souls Night
Cradle of Filth- Doberman Pharaoh

Nox Arcana- Nevermore
Children On Stun- Cats or Devil's Eyes
Rosetta Stone- The Witch (watch the beautiful video!)
Birdeatsbaby- Feast of Hammers (watch the video it is creepy!)
Circus Contraption- We Are All Mad
Vermillion Lies- Circus Apocalypse
Bitter Ruin- Beware (Yet again this music video is very worth watching!)
Nick Cave and PJ Harvey- Henry Lee
Black Tape for a Blue Girl- Bastille Day 1961
Black Tape for a Blue Girl- Knock Three Times
The Birthday Massacre- In The Dark
The Romanovs- Kiss
Emilie Autumn- Fight Like a Girl- There is now an official video directed by Darren Lynn Bousman!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Ironfest Photos Part 1

Ironfest in Lithgow

Saturday 20th April

The Time Machine. It seems to be being guarded. Probably a good thing, you wouldn't want the events of Morlock Nights to come true.

Stacey and Lady Chatsalot. Lady Chatsalot made the hat with the working clock herself. If you live anywhere near Sydney, it will soon be available in the Gallery Serpentine store!

Damien, a Steampunk gentleman in a smashing purple coat!

The stall for The Tattered Tower, a lovely and inspiring little business. Look at the beautiful things she made!

Lovely Steampunk ladies. Me, Stacey, Lady Chatsalot and Kathleen.

The Steampunk Suppliers store and some of their amazing wares! They make handmade leather goods.

The most adorable little peg dolls! I remember making these as a kid, but none so nice as these!


A magical little gypsy caravan with smoke coming from the chimney. It was an actual little caravan, how lovely!

Actual working Steampunk motorcycle!

A charming couple with their bicycle carriage, made by a friend from unwanted bicycles
I got to try it out!

River Song and Stacey

Steampunk gentlemen

An aviator who flew in for Ironfest with his engines still strapped onto him. Unfortunately he seems to have run into some pigeons on the way, look at the back propeller!

Stormtrooper! Argh!

These lovely people fix up old sewing machines and can convert newer ones to hand crank! How wonderful!

Viking tent. Look at the carvings on the poles!

Some other lovely Steampunkers we met! Finally meeting people I had only heard of or met online was fun!

A girl with a parasol fights two ninjas

More photos to come!