Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Miss Sanderson and the Womanly Art of Parasol Self-Defence

Miss Sanderson was an Edwardian self-defence instructor who demonstrated an ability to throroughly trounce an attacker with nothing more than a ladies' parasol. An extremely useful skill I would say!

Read the short but fascinating article here:


  1. I saw a demonstration on this last year. Although the focus was on Bartitsu in general, watching the instructor wield a cane, and then letting us take turns practicing with canes, was crazy. Who would have thought a whole fighting technique would pop up and be so efficient. He did say the Parasol and Umbrella fighting tended to focus more on jabbing your attacker instead of hitting them because they are too light to do much when just smacked against someone.

    1. Indeed! That is so exciting! I wish I could have been there!