Saturday, 23 March 2013

I Made Veggie Triangles!

Today (Sunday 24th March) I made veggie triangles. I've made them once before but I think I really got the size and filling to pastry ratio right for them to taste great! It's great to make them myself as they don't have any preservatives or additives in the filling. Also it's really hard to get ones without cheese, and I can't eat cheese.

Don't they look yummy?


Puff pastry

Filling (boiled first)

red cabbage
zuchini (not sure if that works, might take it out next time)


Set the pastry out to defrost while you boil the veggies
Also preheat oven to whatever the pastry box says
Once the veggies are done, cut the pastry into four squares
Put a little filling in the middle of each (too much will split them)
Fold the squares into triangles and push down the edge to seal
Brush with oil and put on oven tray that is either covered in foil or brushed with oil
Depending on your oven they should be ready to turn in approx 20 min
After that, depending on the oven again, they should be ready in about 10 min. Make sure to check as you go.
Take out of oven and leave to cool a bit, the filling stays very hot.
Put on foil in

For an average sized sheet of pastry quartered, you should get four mini veggie triangles. About two make a good lunch.


  1. They look really yummy, Laura! I never seem to have much luck with puff pastry, but I think I'll give this recipe a shot before I give up completely! You can't eat cheese? That sucks. I think I'd die ... ;o)

  2. That looks and sounds very tasty!

  3. Wow, I'll have to try these out!