Monday, 4 March 2013

DIY Adaptation: Knit dress to knitted tailcoat

 Started with a plain jumper dress that I didn't really like the fit of. The pockets made it bulge in a funny way, and it was too tight, I like my skirts to flare and flounce!

1. I cut off the front at just below waist level, making sure I left a bit extra around the side seams.

 2. I took the raw edges, folded them over twice as if hemming them, and then sewed them down with a needle and thread.

It's not perfectly neat, but I want this to look a bit distressed, anyway.

3. Moving onto the back, I want it to have tails, so I slit it down the middle of the back. I folded it in half and cut along the middle.

The picture refuses to go the right way up!

4. Hem the back the same way as you did the front.

 5. Now you need some oversized buttons. Sew them onto the back at about lower back height, or wherever you want them.

and there is is! The knitted tailcoat!

You can add more trim to the front if you like, like buttons or fake lapels, but I decided I wanted mine simple. I am wearing now as I type on the computer. If I was going out I would probably wear my clockwinder necklace with it, which would add detail.


  1. So clever!! It turned out really nice :)

  2. I there no end to your creativity, Madam? Whilst unlikely that I would venture forth in a knitted tailcoat, I must thank you for inspiring me with the notion that it may not be necessary for me to find all my sartorial requirements ready-made - but with the application of a little imagination and time, transform simple things into works of wonder!

    Thank you, dear lady, that you. :)

  3. What a cute idea!!! LOVE IT! I'm always so hesitant to cut knit because I'm afraid it will unravel. It looks awesome.

  4. This is really lovely. I might just have to make something a little similar, I love tailcoats!

  5. Very nice, I love this. I will have to check out my old sweaters now.

  6. Ah! I love this! Never would have occurred to me to redo a sweater dress like that, but it makes a very great “everyday wearable” steampunk top. I am so keeping me eyes out for a good sweater dress now.