Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Victoriana outfit and hairdo

Outfit 7th February 2012

I was really happy with how the hairdo came out, it really made the outfit. It shows how important a good hairdo is. I have pictures of a similar outfit without the hairdo, and it looks nowhere near as good! This is just about perfect!

Top and skirt second hand

I didn't get very good photos of the hairdo, I know. It was a series of six plaits, three on each side. The first two at the front became a sort of milkmaid braid made from two overlapping braids. The middle two were coiled around and pinned at the sides, the back two were left to hang over the shoulders. I really liked how it turned out, it was fairly simple and could be done without any hairspray or mess, so it would be a good everyday style. I really don't like how I look with the hair just pulled back from my face, I like a bit of braid or something framing my face.


  1. So nice that you combined these plaits to one hairdo with a kivey result. Your hair must be very thick.

    1. It is quite fine hair, but maybe there is a lot of it, I haven't ever really compared it to anyone else's hair. I do seem to be able to do quite a lot with it, especially as it is getting longer! I can't wait til it is really long! I also plan to make a few more hair pieces!

  2. It's beautiful =)

    I have hair long enough to do many styles, but I lack the arm strength and patience to do it! Heh.

  3. It looks very nice :D you are really good at doing pretty hairstyles.

  4. Very pretty! I love braids.

  5. Love the look, it really does suit you. :)