Monday, 4 February 2013

Steamengine IX The Clockwork Carnival and DIY project reveal

Steamengine is a Steampunk themed variety night that is on roughly every few months in Sydney at the Red Rattler Theatre. It includes things like magic performances, circus skills such as contact juggling, and burlesque. This one on Friday 1st February was The Clockwork Carnival and the theme was circus!

With my friend Alice! Doesn't she make the most gorgeous bearded lady ever!

My outfit, with the birdcage headdress and cage skirt I made. I only finished the cage skirt that afternoon. It's satiny fabric sewn into channels. I figured out how to make it myself. The two horizontal ones have coathanger wire in them to keep the shape, the vertical ones are unboned so you can sit down.  I also sewed feathers to my op shop corset and wore a feathered shoulderpiece I had to go with the bird theme, and wore my winged key pendant.

Receiving my prize for most creative outfit. The man on the right is the other winner, the lady on the left is the lady who made the prizes, a very talented woman, Colleen,  known in Steampunk circles as Lady Chatsalot. If you want to see more of her creations visit:

Me in my gorgeous prize! Please excuse the lack of  matching outfit, I had only just got home!

Photoset from the event (WARNING: Some images contain partial and full nudity and bodypiercing)

Second Photoset from the event (yet again, be aware there is nudity and bodypiercing involved)


  1. I just LOVE Your skirt! (and the headdress! <3) WHY can't anyone organise such event in Poland?! ;(

  2. I can see why you got a price! Your outfit is wonderful :D

  3. Wow *_*! Your outfit is stunning! The crown, the shrug, the corset, and the striped tights *_* and I love the cage skirt, you really did a nice work. You definitely deserved a prize!

  4. Congrats on winning! You looked wonderful, no wonder why you won! =D

  5. I love the creativity you put into your outfit - fantastic!

  6. HOW cool is your outfit?! Amazing! Congratulations on the prize!

  7. Amazing! Congratulations on winning and I have to say, you deserved it. I love how the bird cage theme is carried on through the costume. Wonderful!

    Oh, and yes, that is one cute bearded lady!