Saturday, 16 February 2013

Recent Outfits: Lenore and Airship Pirate

Outfit Sunday 10th February 2013
Lenore/ Madwoman

I uploaded the rest of the Lenore pictures on my deviantART account so if you like you can check them out!

I managed to get a picture of the outfit with Isambard my steamparakeet! He is hard to photograph as he usually moves too fast for the camera to focus, and you just get a blur. If you are interested in all the mischief he gets up to check out the hashtag #steamparakeet on Twitter.

I wore this over to dinner at my boyfriend's parents house. 
Dress: Found for $4 from a second hand store. It's pretty see through so I wore a white satin dress under it, also second hand. 
Belt: A few bucks off Ebay, if you want one, I think you search under cage belt or something similar. 
Necklaces: The silver grey necklace was an Christmas present years ago, the one with pearls and gold chains is from the second hand shop. 
Hair: the result of sleeping with it in braids, which apparently helps your hair not tangle or get damaged at night. I am not sure how much it helps as the bit above where the braids start at the back seems to get more tangled. But it's great to do if you want curly hair!

Outfit for Library Lovers Day- February 14th
Airship Pirate

There are loads of pictures from the event in this post, but if you want the outfit rundown, here it is!

Hat: Made by Lady Chatsalot who also attended the event. It was my prize for my costume at The Clockwork Carnival. Here are her websites:
Shirt: Second hand
Pleather waistcoat: Second hand
Socks: eBay
I also ended up wearing brown leather boots that I found in a second hand shop years ago, before I even started high shcool, I think. They used to be at least 2 sizes too big, now they are only a tiny bit long!


  1. Super cute belt & dress combo! The dress looks a bit like a graduation dress from the 1910's.

    I met a lovely Afgani girl at a store in Canada, we had similar hairstyles so we chatted about them. She said there is an Afgani old wives tale that if you sleep in braids it helps your hair grow faster & longer. Who knows?

  2. Lovely outfits! For some reason I like the first one better. Must be because of the shape of the sleevs, or maybe 'cause lately I found myself very into white. Oh, and the boots are wonderful, so victorian!