Thursday, 14 February 2013

Library Lovers Day: The Invasion of the Steampunk Brigade

It's a really beautiful library- look at all these little wooden partitions for people to sit in. They give a bit of privacy, but they aren't all closed off and claustrophobic, either! quite a few of us did airship pirate-y steampunk!

I got to hang out with some lovely people I had met before, and meet some lovely new people too!

Here I am looking a little confused. One of the ladies Cate was holding a tablet in front of her face. I was just working out she was taking pictures with it!

I am talking about second hand shopping and steampunk authors!

The delightful steampunk brigade! (OK, we don't actually call ourselves that, but I think we should! :P)

 Just out those windows is an amazing view over the mountains!

 Cutting the cake

Kate And Luke talking about Ironfest and an upcoming Terry Pratchett convention. I can't remember when or where that was.

 I didn't get any photos of myself with my gorgeous and talented friend Stacey, so here are two separate ones of her! She made the dress, hat, petticoat, bustle, etc. herself!


  1. It seemed to be a very fun day :D I really like your outfit.

  2. What a neat way to bring people to libraries! I wish more of them would do that.

    I love all these events you're attending; you're quite the busy bee, and your outfits are very lovely =)

  3. Wow, such amazing outfits *_* yours was very piratesque :D I love the skirt you were wearing, it's an awesome colour. This must have been such a fun! And you were a very cool group by the way :D

  4. That looks like a lot of fun. I love Stacey's blue dress, and the tall gentleman in the splendid purple jacket!