Tuesday, 19 February 2013

La Bohéme

La Boheme opera- 16th February 2013


Necklaces- black beaded choker from costume jewellery store, black string of beads from costume jewellery store, black crosses necklace secondhand.
Black velvet jacket secondhand.
Burgundy satin dress secondhand.

A couple of shots from Scene 2. The sets and costumes were amazing!

I wish I could have found more pictures from the production! The sets and costumes were amazing! It was 1920s Berlin Cabaret inspired. There were all these fantastic outfits! The blue coat the woman in the background of the second picture is wearing is on my list of things I want to make! The sets were so beautiful, I will try and describe them, and give you some little sketches.

 Artist's studio with waves painted on one wall, the roof is almost like a circus tent, striped, with a vent for light in the middle of the ceiling. The walls are huge, right to the top of the stage. The ladder transforms into a table with the help of a plank and a stool.


The walls turn around, and become theatre boxes with burlesque ladies in them. There is a rotating bit in the middle of the stage on which sellers hawk their wares, they all have exotic costumes! It then becomes a restaurant with an old fashioned green dressed drunk santa at the bar, lots of patrons in amazing clothes. My scribbled set sketch really can't evoke it, but you can see a bit of it in the photos I managed to find above.


A customs office, very bleak. Chicken wire walls, drifting snow outside coming in through the wire. The customs men are cadaverous, white corpse like faces, purple around the eyes. They seem like corpses.

 I loved Scene 2 and 3 the most, they were the complete opposite of each other, the first rich with life and colour and action, the second minimal, and melancholic.

The artist's studio/ apartment again. All the walls are now painted with huge waves. Very real and beautiful looking. The room seems bright and full of life, but, of course, it soon becomes very sad. The ladder, board and stool are once again used, this time to put a mattress on for a makeshift bed.

We sat at the front, so we couldn't actually read the surtitles without completely craning our necks backward, as they were immediately above us, a feat that Isambard my Steamparakeet would find easy, but which I found very difficult. I think I looked up about five times  and I got a cricked neck. But we knew the story, and the music and acting spoke for themselves. The performers were amazing, they played up the humorous scenes to make them really amusing, and they put real emotion into the sad scenes. The music was amazing and truly moving. I was in tears. It was an amazing experience, I felt emotionally drained afterwards.


  1. Pretty outfit! I love satindresses!

    I hope I get to see an opera someday, it seemed like this one was a great one ^^

    1. Try and get your family to go and take you for free :P We usually go as a family, so I don't have to pay, which is good as I don't really have money :P

  2. You look simply stunning and magnificent.
    I love the outfit in its entirety! It's very well put together.

  3. What a lovely dress! It has an amazing colour. I also love the crosses necklace and the shrug.
    Wow, the black costume that lady's wearing on the second picture is to die for.

  4. You look beautiful in that dress, Laura - great colour for you and that little black lace shrug just makes it! :o)