Saturday, 2 February 2013

GARGIE award and Very Inspiring Blogger award again!

The GARGIE Award!

Thanks to Tommy Top Hat of the awesome manbehindthecurtain blog! You should absolutely check out the blog, there are so many fascinating posts!

I will try and nominate some other bloggers I haven't nominated yet. I wasn't given a limit, so here's a big list, focusing mostly on DIY and historical inspired sewing! Of course there are more, but I don't have the energy!

The Insomniac's Attic
Mme Polaire
My life as a fairy princess
The Virtual Victorian
Queens of the Wild Frontier
Bella Miss Ella
Romantic History
Cemetery Dreams
Bobbly Rainbow Socks
Cuz I Said Sew
Diary of a Renaissance Seamstress

All Things Victorian with Victorian Lady Lisa
D'Nalof Design
Dreams of Empires

Domesticated Goth
Professor Z's Cabinet of Curiosities
GIY: Goth It Yourself
Rhissanna she also has ANOTHER inspiring blog over at Gaslight and Gilt
Madame Mari Mortem

In other news, my T button seems to be breaking, I have to hit it kind of hard to get it to work. Not sure if it is the computer getting older, or the work of my destruction-oriented steamparakeet, Isambard. I also just realised he was chewing on the USB ports, hope they still work!

EDIT: I wrote this a while back, and didn't get around to posting it. T button seems ok now. Maybe there was just a seed under it. He is still trying to take the keys off, though.

Also, I was once again nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by the lovely Shannon Rutherford of Drinking Not Studying. You should check out her blog too! Thanks Shannon!

I can't think of another five odd facts, so you will have to settle for these two and reading the ones in this post if you did not already :P

1. I actually find skirts more freeing than pants. I find pants very uncomfortable and have barely worn them in years.

2. I don't like watching or reading crime fiction because it makes me lose faith in humanity and become paranoid about people being murderers. I will make an exception if it is historical.


  1. Oh thank you :)
    My space bar seems to be going a bit in it's old age, I keep running words all into one 0.o

  2. >. I actually find skirts more freeing than pants. I find pants very uncomfortable and have barely worn them in years.

    Me too! I just hate how they tighten around your legs XD I'm a fan of skinny pants, but God they're uncomfortable T_T but I have no choice in wintertime, I'd freeze if I went around in just a pair of tights.
    If only I could wear long victorian skirts on a daily basis... not only I would be super comfortable, but also very cool :D

    1. It's nice to know someone else gets it! :) I wear 70 denier tights in Winter. Or layered tights. Long skirts and long coats help too. I would wear wool, but I am allergic.

    2. Mental highfive, I also hate wearing pants! xD If I try to I always change my mind before I leave the house and change to a skirt.

      Thanks Laura for nominating me! :D