Thursday, 7 February 2013

Collectors Weekly: Leading The Charge Against Casual Style

I find this lady so inspiring, she has the same philosophies about style as I do, only she has better clothes. I really agree that we should never be afraid to overdress, and love hearkening back to the graceful styles of the past. One day I fully intend to have a wardrobe like that. I suppose learning to sew will help.


  1. Awesome post, Laura - I really enjoyed reading that article! I love how she says that once she gets an outfit perfect, she never changes it. It's like a painting in clothes! I think I'm going to bookmark the article and reread it over and over again! I'm still debating whether I should buy Advanced Style, but I am supposed to be downsizing, right? ;o)

    1. Thanks! Did you see there was a link to her website in the article? It has a whole gallery of her outfits! Amazing!

      If you don't want to get the book before you move, maybe visit the Advanced Style blog, there is loads of inspiration there!

    2. Yes, I bookmarked her website as well as the Advanced Style blog. I'm not going to start looking at either of them until I have a bit more of the packing done, because I'd get lost for days! :D

      She does have some amazing pieces, and what I like is that she looks classy for a woman of her age and not like an aging tart. That's harsh, isn't it? Drives me crazy though... :o)