Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The New Monster That Ate Canberra

by Michael Salmon

I re-read this today, and I could not stop laughing! I had forgotten all the tongue in cheek jokes about Australian culture! Some of the things I laughed at were:

The minister for kulture (and footy) (sic.)
The minister for meat pies and tomato sauce

The fact that the minister for foreign affairs was away on holiday in Bali

The Prime Minister being tired from looking through "heaps of tourist brochures to decide on his next overseas trip... work that was both confusing and exhausting!"

"The navy only had a rowing boat and one oar"

The supreme court judge snacking on KFC in his robes

The bunyip sent to work on a soapie as punishment "After all 20 years working on a soap opera woudl be ample punishment for anyone."

"The Young, Restless, Flying Country Bunyip Neighbours Show" (taken from the titles of Australian soaps)

Feeding the bunyip on 'scripts that didn't rate'. They tasted "awful- dry, musty and unoriginal."

A fake female bunyip called Kylie (Minogue)

ABC fashion guide for sport
ABC guide to program repeats

If "you hear a loud shuffling and snuffling outside your bedroom window one night, don't be alarmed, it probably isn't another lost tourist, baffled beaureaucrat or confused politician"...

A great book, especially if you are Australian!

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