Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Steampunk photoshoot

Some photos with the awesome Maggie ( from back in June 2012. Taken in Newtown at a pop up photo studio.

Photos by Tawfik of Flash Hub


  1. These are really cool! I like your outfits!

    I too, often felt bad for Griffin. When the townspeople wouldn't leave him alone I understood some of his anger and annoyance. And I loved the part where he stole the pastor's clothing, then shedded them and went about tripping everyone. (The cat was a great part too!) And by the ending I was about ready to cry when he died.

    I've yet to see Les Miserables, because my town isn't showing it - very rotten of them. But I am VERY eager to see it, though many have said it is sad. (Which I can't but agree with, as I've always been fond of ValJean and tear up every time he dies.)

    Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a great day.

  2. I love these pictures of you with a very big smile! :D

    1. Thanks. I hadn't actually had my braces off that long, so smiling wide felt very alien to me, as I kept my mouth shut when I had braces. But I was having a lot of fun here!

  3. Nice pictures! :D You look so happy!

  4. These photos are lovely. I love the one of you looking up at the camera!