Saturday, 26 January 2013

Steampunk High Tea

On Saturday the 19th of January, I attended a Steampunk high tea/ picnic organised by the Newcastle Steampunk Society. 

I finally got to meet the lovely Stacey, who I knew from the Steampunk sewing group on Facebook. She wore this amazing outfit which she made herself! It is a hat, a polonaise coat, and skirt, combination underwear and a lobster bustle, all of which she made!

It was a great day and I met some very nice people! I can't wait to go again!

There was some sword fighting...

Victorian sausage rolls...

Lime tart...

Home made portuguese tarts...

Victorian brown bread ice cream...

Raspberry and rosewater cordial with home grown raspberries...

Stacey's amazing outfit!

My outfit:

Jacket, dress and lace blouse and ankle boots second hand.

The jacket is the same one I had when I went to Peter Murphy, although I don't have any pictures of it on that night. 

The earrings are the ones from steamfolks on Etsy.


  1. Oh, that looked like fun! I haven't had a sausage roll in years. Your outfit is just wonderful and I love those cupola-shaped umberellas.

    1. It was great! I felt bad for bringing shop bought food with all the wonderful things people made! :)

      The sausage rolls were meant to be Victorian recipe with herbs and things, I can't really remember.

  2. The portuguese tarts doesnt look yummy at all, oh nooo, I'm just drooling a little over here.

    Your blue dress is superpretty!

  3. Wow, wish I could've joined you. :P

    1. One day I hope I shall have the money to travel the world. If I eventually get to Ireland, we shall have our own high tea!

  4. Hi :)!
    I tagged you on the Very Inspiring blogger Award in my blog ^^!