Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sewing disaster!

The bloomers were a complete disaster, came out like clown pants! The material was really nice, but didn't work for that kind of thing, the pattern was too bold. And I cut them out all wrong. I don't even like pants, so I don't know why I went for bloomers! This means I will have to re-think my outfit, though. I was going to wear the bloomers under something, maybe a little skirt will work. The other part of the outfit is still in progress, keep your fingers crossed it won't be a disaster too!

I feel a bit disheartened now, I have to not let this put me off sewing! This was my first real failure, and it was hard because the pattern was one from an online tutorial I sort of had to hand draw and adapt to my own measurments.

Condolence cards and flowers are always welcome. :P


  1. Oh no! Are they salvageable? Could you take in the side seams to make them less voluminous?

  2. I'm sorry, I know how you feel..I hate failing with sewing-projects, I get so angry I dont touch any of it in several days!

  3. Never ever give up, Laura! You did choose something hard - having to adapt a pattern is still (even after 40 years of sewing) a difficult thing for me. You can salvage the material and make small things from it - pot pourri bags, pillows, a little purse ... But don't give up - it will get easier - promise!

    Send me your address, I'll send you a condolence card ... flowers to Australia would probably drain my bank account! :D

  4. Have you heard that nice story of a mouse that had to make a coat for a cat? Terrified of what would happen if he failed, the mouse was sewing in panic, and what came out was nothing like what the cat had asked for. Fortunately our tyrannic pussycat was satisfied, when the mouse told him that the pieces could still be made to a nice pair of trousers. But the mouse failed to make the trousers too. He promised that there'd still be enough fabric for a vest...and the cat was patient.
    On the final night the mouse was exhausted and the sewing went all wrong again. When the cat asked what had been made of his request, the mouse replied:"Well...it's a bowtie!"
    Finally the cat decided he'd had enough and ate the poor mouse.
    So... at least you're not that mouse. If that's of any relief. I know it's terrible when a project goes flat. My sympathies.

  5. I'll send you flowers! :D Black orchids!

    Also, I have nominated you for a GARGIE award!