Thursday, 10 January 2013

Outfit: Eponine

Outfit 10th January 2013
I know Eponine from Les Miserables doesn't actually wear something that looks like this in the movie, but I was kind of channeling her with this outfit. Stylish and faithful urchin girl. I tried to look miserable for the photos, it wasn't that hard, taking self-photos can be a real pain. Ha ha.

Top from Vintage shop, originally Peace Angel brand (one of my favourite brands) from Tree of Life over red satin beaded singlet top from op shop.
Watch necklace a Christmas present
Jacket from second hand shop. I love the blue tapestry patterns
Skirt from second hand shop.

Isambard my Steamparakeet loves Eponine. When I showed him a video of Samantha Barks singing on my own he got all sad and made sad sounds and rubbed his head against me.


  1. It does remind me of something she would wear, actually. I think it is the skirt. Well done!

    The Hobbit is a fun book to read, less serious then The Lord of the Rings. Almost like a child's book, almost.

  2. Aww poor Isambard, hope he didn't went to sad by the beautiful song. My son came home on tuesday and said. Mum, now I have enough money to buy a budgie. Well.... I said while he ran to his room. We had been talking about it a year ago and I wasn't sure I was ready to take care of another animal. He came down and said he found a cage at the internet. So on wednesday evening came and we arrived at home with a large cage and two budgies. They are extremely cute but a bit suspisious. They are only 10 weeks old.
    Your skirt is lovely by the way :)

  3. I really like your Eponine inspired outfit- very fun!