Saturday, 26 January 2013

Forgotten pictures from 2012 (and a few from 2013)

I wanted to share a couple of old pictures from 2012. There are a few more events I have photos from that I haven't shared, whether it is because I, or others might not find the images flattering. But here are a few

My first SteamEngine IX with Alice and Caelum

My first Cobweb Club ( I made the birdcage hairpiece myself)

An outfit I forgot to post:  Saturday 19th January 2013

"Lady Dedlock" outfit

Corset style top, skirt and beaded evening bag second hand
Necklace second hand
Pendant an Roman inspired earring from the Pompeii exhibition found second hand.

Oh and here are a couple of pictures of me dancing at the Peter Murphy afterparty. 


  1. Oh! You can dance! Those are lovely photos.

  2. Great photos! Always when I see your outfits I think of how interesting it would be to take a peek in your closet :'D

  3. I love that neckpiece in the second photo - and the braided crown!! Awesome!!!

    1. Thanks, the neckpiece is a piece of tulle, and I made the crown myself out of a hairpiece. It was quite hard work, it involved a lot of plaiting and wire weaving! :)