Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Fabric finds!

I found all these fabric offcuts in the second hand shop today, and I got the lot for just $15. It was hard work lugging the bags around town. Most of the pieces should be large enough to make a waistcoat, maybe a blouse, or small jacket. The violet piece should be large enough for a whole dress. There are also some little pieces that might make a nice trim. Time to plan some sewing projects!


  1. Woo hoo! Thrifted fabric!
    I love finding vintage remnants; it makes for unique stuff =D
    Have fun sewing! I envy your haul

  2. So much stuff for just $15!
    I especially like the one on the left-top, the grey one next to the tartan one. These fabrics look great for some vintage inspired dresses and blouses <3

  3. Woah, that's is a great find! Amazing! I am excited to see what you will do with all those loevely pieces.

  4. I wish I could sew my own clothes too! :O You dont happen to have a DIY? ;) Nice fabrics btw!´Second hand <3

  5. those are gorgeous :) i wish i had the talent to sew!