Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Down by the river by the boats, where everybody goes to be alone

Outfit 6th December 2012

I was dancing around the house to Agnes Obel's entrancing music, and I needed something pretty to wear.

Purple is my favourite colour at the moment, but I don't actually have a lot of purple clothes. This dusky purple/ lilac dress is quite lovely, though, and I threaded some purple paper roses into the front of the corset top. 

Necklace from costume jewellery shop
Dress from second hand shop
Corset from second hand shop
Flowers from a floral wreath

The corset is quite old and I took out the front boning because it was so bent it was stabbing me in the ribs. It's much more comfortable now, and still seems to fit OK.

This is my favourite Agnes Obel song, although I think they are all beautiful!

Blog post title, Riverside, Agnes Obel


  1. I really adore that necklace of yours! x

  2. Lovely corset <3! It fits you well indeed :D. Your choker is also really nice <3

  3. I really like the combination with the dress and corset :) Superpretty!

  4. What a wonderful outfit! & a beautiful song. ;D

  5. You should buy more of that colour purple!

    Beautiful song - got the CD added to the Watch List on eBay ... thanks! :D

  6. You look great. :)

    And I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!!!!

  7. I was just about to write the same as Lesthi :D and I love the color!