Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas #3

Lots of family, lots of food. Really quite tired now.

On boxing day I also saw both The Hobbit and Les Miserables. Both were amazing. I cried so much in Les Miserables! 

Here are some of the fantastic gifts I recieved:

Beautiful watch necklace

This is actually my boyfriend's crystal skull vodka, but I am very excited about it, becasue I think the bottle goes perfectly with my mad scientist/ gothic manor decor theme I have planned.

Steampunk books! (the picture refuses to go right way up no matter how much I rotate the image)

Sewing machine!

My beautiful "Alchemical Mistress" earrings from SteamFolk on Etsy. Not a Christmas present, but they just arrived today. They match the flasks on my table. 

I love the description!
~For the girl with a penchant for the arts of metallurgy and magic! Contains a seemingly harmless mixture of chemicals, but can be broken in a pinch to create a noxious cloud, which is especially potent to the senses of the undead ~
These earrings are made from small 1 1/4" glass bottles with corks, filled with a mixture of peridot, blue topaz, and citrine, hanging from small copper gears and copper fish hook earrings. This listing is for both earrings pictured, one for each side!


  1. You got a sewing machine - yay!! :o)

  2. Yours was a very steampunk Christmas :D! The watch necklace is awesome <3

  3. Lovely gifts! I have a very similar pocket watch as yours and wear it a lot. :-) the sewing machine is a perfect gift to you.