Friday, 16 November 2012

Transylvanian Lullaby

You absolutely have to listen to this haunting piece by talented independent artist Kate Covington, also known as Erutan.

In other news, I am still watching Murdoch Mysteries. They had an episode about automatons! I am also still working on weaving the myriad of ideas I have into a novel. I guess I have to decide which things I have to leave out, and put in the next story. I was on #steampunkchat today on Twitter, which was really fun.


  1. Indeed, very pretty! It should be in a Tim Burton movie!

  2. It already made it into 'Young Frankenstein'. I'm sat here, scratching my head and trying to remember why I knew the theme. And then I thought 'Frau Blücher!'. And was deafened by the sound of screaming horses.

    This is a really lovely arrangement, very, very pretty. Thank you for digging another treasure from the great Internet motherlode!

  3. Gave me chills it's so beautiful. And how funny that it was in Young Frankenstein. I think I need to rewatch that now because I'd kind of forgotten the whole screaming horses thing ... :D