Friday, 16 November 2012

Tim Walker: Magical Photography

 So many of the inspiring images I have seen recently on the aethernet have turned out to be by Tim Walker. His shots really are magical! Apparently, they actually create all the props for his shoots, no special effects. Which is pretty impressive when you see some of the things like hanging tables, miniature greenhouses, giant sculptures and more.

Jenna of Worn Through blog was lucky enough to work as art department assistant on some of his sets, you can read her story here.

She also has a review for a book of his photography, which includes a video flip through of the book.

Tim seems like a great guy, and I hope I will be able to meet him, maybe even be photographed by him one day.

Here are a few of his images. I think quite a few of the ones in my Ethereal Fairytale post were by him, too. I just want to climb into his world and live there!