Monday, 12 November 2012

The Devil Within

Novella/ short story by Madeline Holly-Rosing
(eBook, available as kindle, nook or smashwords)

An intriguing and well-written prequel to The Boston Metaphysical society, that gives us a view into the character's early life, and that of her father. I really enjoyed reading this story, and it made me even more eager to see what will happen next. The author's explanation of mechanical things in these stories always seems flawless, making the machinery seem real, even if I don't really understand it myself. I enjoyed the descriptions of Andrew's unusual talents. I also find the idea of the wire decorations fascinating. I really think this series will offer something new and wonderful!

Oh, and the Kindle book only cost me 99 cents, which is well below what it is worth!

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  1. Steampunk? Interesting literature?
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