Thursday, 15 November 2012

Steampunk Outfits

I put a couple more images up on my deviantart stock account, these are two of the nicest shots. The photography isn't the greatest, because I took it myself with a self timer on an old digital camera, but I love the outfits I put together.

Mini hat, jacket, corset top, blouse and skirt all secondhand.
Clockwinder necklace by Redheart13 on Etsy

Hat from some girly shop
Cravat/scarf and brooch secondhand
Blouse from sale store
Skirt from Shop55 Vintage


  1. The blouses are both lovely! I especially like the first one because it has lace. And that black dress on the first pic? Amazing *_*!

  2. Why did I say black XD?! I meant red :D

  3. Oh I love your outfits! I think it's amazing how well you put together your outfits with second hand items.

  4. Both outfits are great, but I love that skirt in the second outfit, so unusual :)

  5. Great outfits - I really like the way you've taken the pictures!

  6. I'm so jealous of all your amazing clothes and outfits! :3

  7. Very nice :D I often wish I had your wardrobe xD