Friday, 23 November 2012


Saturday 24th November

Apparently it's crazy going shopping in America and the moment thanks to Black Friday. It's lucky I'm not in America, I went to the shops today and it was fairly quiet. Not bragging or anything :P

I got some things I needed.

A nice looking back up pair of ankle boots for $49. They're just synthetic, maybe not the best quality, but they look nice. I am tempted to paint one of my other pairs pale blue now that I have another pair.

A new camera- I really really needed one. My old one is about 8 years old maybe. It's old, and it's been dropped quite a bit and a lot of the pictures are coming out really blurry now. I have to be careful not to drop the new one.

I feel bad taking a picture of my new camera with the old one! Ha ha.

Fabrics! We stopped off at spotlight on the way home and found the pretty and cheap cottons. There were about 7 shades of blue and purple that I really liked, but I decided to just get two and this nice discounted offcut of birds. I can go back for more later. They're for the learning to sew so I can make Neo-Victorian and Steampunk outfits project.

Blue cotton fabric, $3.99 a metre
Bird fabric- got the remaining about 2m for $10.
The black and red is my quilt.

What would the bird fabric look good as? A skirt? A blouse?


  1. I think the bird fabric would be most suitable as a blouse maybe :D

  2. Bird corset! Or pick out one of the colours for the skirt and make the birds part of the bustle.

    And those boots are fab. A pair in pale blue would be really gorgeous, peeking out from under a pale Summer skirt.