Sunday, 4 November 2012

Fred's First Waltz

Novel by Venetia Murray

A beautiful, gentle and whimsical story about first love. I adored the characters. Fred meets his love interest on a plane trip, where she tells him she always imagines the person she would like to die with if the plane goes down. This person is him.

Fred is journeying to fix up the old family lighthouse for sale. The girl comes with him, and they fall in love.

Fred's sister Daisy, a delightfully odd little girl, has got to be my favourite character. She is the kind of person I would love to know. She keeps a lamb skeleton in her room, which she brings flowers, she is writing a novel about her great grandmother, and all of great grandmother's lovers. She is bright, intelligent, and individual. Daisy has her own adventures in the story, too.

The characterisation of the adults in the story is also good, we are aware of all their foibles and foolishness, but still able to love them for who they are. All the characters in this story are laid bare to us, and we are able to see the joyousness of the human spirit. I loved all the little eccentricities of Fred's family, such as all his cousins being named after Greek myths, such as Clytemnestra.

The book has a light, enjoyable mood, but it is far from flippant, it is an enjoyable, and rather beautiful story about youth and life. It's a good read for a long, late summer evening.

(Review from my goodreads account)

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