Saturday, 24 November 2012

Favourite Murdoch Mysteries Quotes

Some of my favourite quotes from the last few series of Murdoch Mysteries.

‎"Yes, that's quite a feat, to reduce a man to a slogan." 

"That sounds less than scrupulous!"
"Scrupulous? Scruples have nothing to do with it. Acumen, I call it!"

"Ted Manson took his dog hunting, but his son swears this ferret will follow a trail of blood like no hound he's ever seen." 

‎"What's my motto Murdoch?"
"You have several sir, all gems."
"No, no, those are aphorisms! I have only one motto and that's 'follow the money'."

‎"Look outside, smell the maple leaves, this is Canada!" 

‎"Arrogant little prick. No wonder half the world hates the bloody monarchy." 

"But sir, if you had seen the pattern of the other circles. It'a almost mathematical. You can climb a tree if you want to see for yourself"

‎"Sir, why is your scotch in my desk?"
"The missus has joined that bloody temperance lot. She knows all my hiding places."

‎"William you can't let this brief moment in history change things. McConnell, Blake, Sutton, they're just blinks in time." 

‎"A hunch, sir. Something all the young people are saying these days."

"Our automaton has capabilities far beyond that of the Prussians. It is the ultimate war machine therefore the ultimate instrument of peace."

"Any woman that can recite 'To A Skylark' while cutting open a human heart is a rare woman indeed." 

"I myself am fascinated by the idea that someday tiny electrical circuits will be capable of calculating vast mathematical algorithms."

"It's The Telltale Heart. Sir. The Edgar Allan Poe story. A killer buries his victim's heart below the floorboards but he keeps hearing it beat and it grows louder and louder and louder and then... well then I stopped reading, I was too terrified." 

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