Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ethereal Fairytale

I have always wanted to look ethereal. I have always wanted to look like someone from a fairytale. I have always loved long, flowing gowns, gauzy skirts and sleeves. Princess gowns, fairy gowns...

I want to wander through a forest glade, mist roiling about me, wearing a floating gown...

Magical, dreamlike.

And maybe just a little eerie.

None of these images belong to me, I found them on google search.


  1. I still cut out pictures like this from magazines and save them in scrapbooks. What for, I'll never know ... just to drool over, I guess! :o)

  2. Great selection of images here, Laura. All of them have a very odd quality to them, as if something darker is lurking just beneath the fairytale glamour. Thanks for putting it together!

  3. I think that eeriness has always been present in fairytales, and these pictures really capture the magic of them.