Saturday, 24 November 2012

Dreaming of boots

I really want a pair of these in each colour. I have heard them known as Bordello Boots, Whimsey boots and my favourite Dream of Steam Mary Poppins boots. I wish I could afford them, hopefully they will still be around by the time I have the money.



  1. Wow *_* I'd only wear the black version but they're so pretty in red <3 they'd be perfect for a lolita outfit :)

  2. I bought them a while ago them, I had wanted them for so long, but had to sell them again, because they were awful to wear. They look good, but the shape is terrible; They pinch, are incredibly hard on your feet and were just... Really bad =(

    So, well, do try them out first, if you have the possibility, 'cause I was severely disappointed.