Saturday, 24 November 2012

Aethernet Roundup: Fairytales, Steampunk, Fashion, and more

I decided to make a post where I share interesting things from the aethernet, as I always find too many things to post. Here's a pile to start with, and there are still more to come!

I adored this blog post in Fairytale Inspired Fashion Editorials. Of course, there's a lot of Tim Walker and Annie Leibovitz in there!

Also this post from the same blog. She has quite a few fairytale inspired posts, actually. Check out the tags/ wordcloud.

Gothic Faery Tales: A collection of Gothic fairytales. You can submit your own.

This future book about Victorian werewolves looks fascinating!

A useful glossary of older clothing terms.

This series of one page comics is strange and often beautifully philosophical.

This is kind of a Twilight Parody and also a really well written piece of dark humour with a really interesting take on werewolves. It does have sex so consider yourself warned.

Free online steampunk reading:

Boston Metaphysical Society

Clockwork Quartet

The Dead Isle

Three of Swords

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  1. Thank you for sharing these. The 'Beauty and the Beast' feature had some lovely images for my Steampunk Study. Off to look at some of the other articles.