Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Sunday of Three Dresses: Hairstyle

Sunday 18th November

This hairstyle was created by putting in a hair extension piece, separating it into two sections, and plaiting my hair into each. I then rolled the plaits up and pinned them to the side of my head. I had to be quite precise to so the ends didn't stick out and the rolls looked even, but it was surprisingly quick and easy compared to some of the ones I have done in the past. Having more hair definitely makes it easier to work with and I loved the final effect. I'd definitely do this one again.

If anyone has tried any interesting historically inspired hairdos, or knows of a good tutorial, I'd love to have a look. Leave me a link in the comments!


  1. This is lovely. And yes, I am (and I hope I am not the only one...) very interested in vintage hairdo tutorials.

  2. Very nice. Maybe I will try something like this :)

  3. I like that one. When my hair grows out I might have to see if I can do it. (I'm bad at doing my own hair.)