Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Stolen Child

Novel by Keith  Donohue

Review from my Goodreads account.

This was a perfect book for me, because I often feel that I am in the wrong time, as well as the fact that since I was a child, I have thought I might be a changeling. It is the story of two people, the boy who is stolen away by changelings, and the changeling who takes his life and replaces him. It is a change up of the stole by faeries myth that I really liked.

While one boy has to deal with his life being stolen away, and living in the woods as an un-aging changeling, the other tries to be normal, to hide his strangeness, and the fact that he is much older than he seems, having been stolen from his own family a long time in the past. <spoiler> When he grows up and has a son, he must deal with the fear that his son will be stolen by his own kind. </spoiler>

The story was vivid and engaging, and I enjoyed every moment of it! The haunting nature of this story remains with me.


  1. I have it on my desk to read. As soon as I get a few chapters done. And finish those anthologies. Can't wait to get to it.

    1. I actually saw it on your list on Goodreads, and remembered how much I liked it, so I had to write a review for it. :)