Friday, 26 October 2012

Steampunk Librarian

Outfit Sunday 14th October
(Dinner at a restaurant for my boyfriend's mum's birthday)

Clock key pendant- pendant from craft shop, from my boyfriend's mum
Antique clockwinder necklace from redheart13 on Etsy. I bought this before I actually knew it was steampunk, I was just drawn to it.
Shirt- Shop55 Vintage
Waistcoat- really old, I grew out of it, but now it fits me again.
Ruffled corduroy fishtail skirt: second hand. I tried to get a photo of the details, it has amazing detailing, but black is so hard to photograph.

Red velvet jacket from eBay. Probably my best eBay find ever.


  1. Sometimes you get lucky with the eBay stuff, and sometimes not so lucky!! That jacket looks like a keeper, tho! :D

  2. Wow, that skirt is amazing. I love the whole look, but the skirt especially grabs me.

  3. The skirt looks lovely, even though the detail is hard to photograph. I really love the striped stockings and the little red jacket. The Librarian look always wins!

  4. Just had to comment and say: stripy socks!!!!!!!

  5. Love the draping of the skirt, and the waistcoat!