Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Poe's Cat

Novel by Brenda Walker

A beautiful and haunting book. Cousins Thea and Finn are staying at their grandfather's house in the mountains. When they were children, this was the site of their teenage romance, and Thea finds herself reminiscing on their forbidden passion.

Thea begins rewriting Poe's stories from a feminist perspective, told by an illusive Virginia Poe to her cat, as she lies dying. The stories are vivid and frightening, and open up a whole different world within Poe's stories.

The entire book is filled with passion, and lush description. This is the kind of book you fall into and get lost in, if you love literature as I do. I sometimes think it has the feeling of a fever dream, the descriptions tangible, the senses sharp and pungent. Both beauty, and despair, as in Poe's tales. The mysterious senselessness of human life is woven into it, the strange juxtaposition of the cousin's forbidden teenage romance, with the illicit one of Finn's father and Thea's mother, who ran away together soon after. We are left with a sense of melancholy, but also, somehow, a sense of hope, and lightness. Where there are words, there is always life.

I gave this 6 stars out of 5, for a book that goes above and beyond perfect.

(Review from my goodreads account, I am trying to post up some reviews I haven't yet shared on my blog.)

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